Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a fun Sunday Dress

I love the Christmas season, the lights, the music, the dresses. Just some fun pictures before church today.

The girls posing together...

Tori, 4 going on 20!

Abby sweet as a button!

I just wish every Sunday morning went this well!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abby losses her first tooth

Today was another big milestone in the passage to being a kid! Abby lost her first tooth tonight.

Dad took her to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and the dentist told her it was loose, so she has been working on it since. Tonight, the girls and I were all sitting watching a movie and folding socks when out it came! Dad was out of town, so we had to quick take a picture so he wouldn't miss it.

She was really excited to put it under her pillow and the tooth fairy brought her a "gold quarter" as she referred to it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Victoria's Big birthday bash

The big day has finally come. Tori could hardly wait for all her friends to come to her party. I made the lovely cake below, because she wanted to have a barbie cake. I didn't think it was too bad for my first one!
Another shot, because, yes, I am so proud...
Here is the birthday girl with her cake
and of course her sister had to get in on the action too!
At her party I got these cute little cups from the Oriental Trading Company and made pictures they could color and slip inside. They had a great time decorating them and then they got to use them with the cake and ice cream!
A lovely picture by the birthday girl!
Marley, one of Tori's friends.

Next we did bobbing for apples, at Tori's request, Abby got us started, although she didn't get an apple she did get nice and wet.
Next was Kyle from Tori's class. He did great, he got an apple and like it so much he did it about 3 more times!
Brighton also got into the action...
and was rewarded with her own apple!
I was surprised, but this was one of the big hits of the day, most of the kids wanted to try and several even pulled an apple out of it.

Next were the gifts. Rapunzel has to be one of Tori's favorite things now, so she was more than excited to get a barbie!
She got lots of fun presents...
which included jewelery,
and a lot of fun with friends.
Here she is with another friend, Addie.
She is sporting some of her goods...

Happy Birthday...

She had a great time and so did friends, who would have thought a 4 year old would want to bob for apples?
Happy birthday sweetie!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and the great costume event

The day has finally arrived for the kids to show off their costumes. I made the crazy decision to make their costumes this year. It took me 2 months and most of that was Abby's dress. I liked how Tori's turned out a little better, and I free lanced that one. Tori was a mermaid and Abby a butterfly.

One Wednesday of this week I put both of them in their costumes and headed out to drop Abby off. But when we got to school NO ONE had a custom on, so we quickly did a change in the car and off she went.

Tori had her party today at school and was happy to wear her costume all day.

Tori had her party first and then I met her to take her trick or treating at the building. Here she is with her sash over her head with her friend Addi.

A picture of Tori and Liza starting out trick or treating.

It took over 1 1/2 to get this far, the kids were ready to be done! They did great and listened so well. There were 19 kids in total and we didn't lose one :)

After this I took Tori back with me to work for a few minutes before heading home tonight.

Friday night we had our trick or treating at the church. This is the only time they stopped moving all night. Chris was going with them and at one point they ran by me as I was handing out candy and said, "that old man, can't even keep up with us." By the way, Abby does have black hair, nice, hu?
The kids had fun and all the work paid off, they loved their outfits! Did I mention that Abby had to have colored hair, hence the black hair below!

Our little girl is 4!!

It was Tori's birthday this week, and she is 4, she can't even beleive it! Since she has a love for the cheerleaders, I thought the perfect gift would be a cheerleading outfit. When she opened it, she wasn't sure what it was. However she wore it around the whole next day, so I think it was a hit! I just can't wait for her party next week, lots of crazyness here, there will be...

The opening of the present in true Tori style!

She did like it, and wore it for the next 2 days, I had to talk her into not wearing it to bed, she looks so cute in it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This was the first year that we did pumpkin carving with the kids, well really Chris and Abby did it. Below is Slash, Abby's creation.

I think it looked good for her first one!

Can you guess why she called him slash?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day with the cheerleaders!

We were at the Hockey game last week and we saw some cheerleaders, which have become Tori's new favorite thing. One of them came up to Tori and asked if she would like to come to a cheerleaders camp the next weekend, which was like a dread come true for her! So here she is with the cheerleaders for UNO. She got to spend all morning playing and learning some cheers then she got to do a half time program.

Here are all the girls that participated, she is the farthest on the left in a purple skirt and her hair in a high pony tail.

Prior to the start of the game all of the kids were hanging out on the tarmac.

Now she is looking a bit more tired, it was really hot for October here, about 80 this day!

Here she is practicing a move for the half time show.

Here is the half time show, she disappears for a bit in the middle, but comes back with flare. Her day was a blast and she loved every minute of it!